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Numerology is an ancient and authentic scientific knowledge that has been preserved through the centuries.

Numerology readings are based on the vibrations of the sounds of our name and birthdate and the geometrical shape of the alphabets and numbers. Each alphabet has a sound, and sound has a frequency or vibration. Similarly, each number has its own frequency or vibration. The alphabets and numbers reveal our abilities, skills and talents which, if known, can be used to our highest potential. They can also reveal our vulnerabilities. These readings bring to light our necessary needs which, if fulfilled by us, lead us to a very harmonious and peaceful state of mind and living.

Numerology helps us to gain a better understanding and helps us create fulfilling and lasting relationships with loved ones, co-workers and all those around us.

You can have your own Numerology Report, and you can also have Reports of those people you need to interact with, people you do not understand and with whom there may be friction, like a spouse, a business partner, a boss, a team member. These Reports help you understand other people so that petty (or big) annoyances and friction are banished from your life. These reports are also found to be of great use when HR personnel need to hire a new member for their Organization, to get a "vibrational background check" to ensure that the person being hired is suited to the requirements of the Organization.

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